Richard Wong

“After 15 years of managing my own web development, I decided to hire Jack Brauer of WideRange Galleries to rebuild my website from the ground up with cutting-edge code. My old website was starting to look like Frankenstein under the hood and I had been becoming increasingly dissatisfied with its limitations. I’m excited by the work that Jack and his designer, Raza Durrani, did on my site and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks Jack & Raza!”
– Richard Wong, Glendora, California

Terry Gipson

“After months of frustration and unnecessary expense trying to get my WordPress and Woocommerce site up and running to my liking, I finally gave up and asked Jack Brauer for help. His guidance has gotten me back on track to being a photographic artist and not a web designer, worrying about the next WordPress or Woocommerce update and all the plug-ins, additional costs for necessary services (like anti-spam protection), need for programming help …

As other users of Jack’s services have said, this is clearly the most cost-effective means to getting online and displaying, as well as selling, one’s work and being able to maintain the primary focus of being an artist. I am glad Jack can bridge the developer and artist dichotomy and bless the rest of us with the opportunity of sharing our work online.

I could not be happier!”
– Terry Gipson, Parker, Colorado

TJ Thorne

“I just finished creating my website with Jack and I am extremely happy with the result. From initial communication through completion, Jack was communicative, helpful, and responsive to my questions and needs. All of the frustrations of working with plug-and-play websites like Smugmug and Squarespace were resolved by moving to WideRange Galleries. I now have a website that has the exact functionality I’m looking for and I thank and applaud Jack for making it happen. On top of that, the website is very snappy and responsive and the admin panel is sensible, powerful, and easy to use. Jack is receptive of improvements and changes and his product is only going to improve. I chose the self-design package and while I am not a graphic designer or website builder, Jack helped me rectify issues with my initial design and I now have a website that I am actually excited for people to visit. If you’re not getting what you want out of other website services, you really need to consider a WideRange Galleries website. It’s certainly worth the investment. Thanks Jack!”
– TJ Thorne, Portland, Oregon

David Whiteman

“Jack I must say you really made this process easy to create a very professional website. I tried Wix and was totally frustrated with their tools and their templates. From the first email and over the course of several weeks you were always there to answer questions and provided support and guidance in helping me get my site up and running. In the future should any potential clients who would want to ask about the process, you can use my name. I would be more than happy to tell them what a great service you have.”
– David Whiteman, State College, Pennsylvania

Lava Light Galleries

“Thanks for your expertise and guidance. The help information you provided is self working in most cases and lots of answers there. The design is great. The functionality is first class. I can’t wait to get on Facebook and elsewhere to start sending people to this beautiful site. So…on behalf of Linda, CJ and myself…big thanks.”
– Don Hurzeler, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Aaron Reed

“If you are a photographer and you have been looking for a new website, consider investing in yourself and your work by looking into WideRange Galleries. Jack was a pleasure to work with, was incredibly patient, even for his most scatterbrained clients (that would be me) and was clear and concise from the moment I reached out to him. You simply can’t go wrong working with Jack and Raza.”
[Read Aaron’s full website review here]
– Aaron Reed, Sammamish, Washington

Nolan Nitschke

“I have tried every website builder out there for my photography: wix, squarespace, smugmug, zenfolio, etc. While many of them can have nice gallery displays and be aesthetically pleasing, its obvious that selling prints on these platforms is an afterthought. That is where Jack and WideRange Galleries comes in! Jack has designed an easy-to-use site builder with the primary focus of selling products while still maintaining a beautiful and highly customizable gallery and website. If you’re serious about selling products and are tired of the limited applications of other photography website builders, look no further than WideRange Galleries. Jack is a pleasure to work with and very responsive. You will not be disappointed!”
– Nolan Nitschke, Bishop, California

K.C. Turner

“Peerless best describes WideRange Galleries websites! An incredibly talented and dedicated staff addresses every aspect of the design, development and fulfillment of your website inclusive of providing you with an extremely robust yet intuitive Admin control panel interface. I’ve been a photographer for a long time and tried several other website hosts during the past six years. Believe me, Jack Brauer and his team, (with kudos to [graphic designer] Raza Durrani), are truly peerless! Thank you, WideRange Galleries, for designing a website built for photographers.”
– K.C. Turner, Westminster, Colorado

Joseph C. Filer

Design by Joseph C. Filer, Programming by WideRange Galleries

“I finally quit beating my head against the wall trying to get other photography websites to work correctly. WideRange is the only system that allows you to have a Title, Location, Caption and custom URL, all independent of the filename of the photo. This is how you build a photography site for great SEO. It is totally responsive, looking the same on all devices, and I finally have a website that looks as good on my phone as it does on my computer. The Admin panel is great, allowing for individual or bulk changes to your photo information. Photos load faster than any of the other sites I’ve had and they look sharp and clear. Jack was great to work with, and being a photographer himself, understands what Landscape and Nature photographers need. It’s an easy decision to go with WideRange.”
– Joseph C. Filer, Miami, Florida

William Phelan

“If you’ve come to this site to inquire about having your website built, look no further; this is where you want to be. Both Jack and Raza have the expertise (and perhaps just as importantly, the patience) to walk the lay person through the process of designing and then implementing a website to his or her satisfaction. They will work with you until you are satisfied with the design and then, the end product. Jack has done a phenomenal job in creating and maintaining this business; the accolades to his work here are well-deserved.”
– William Phelan, New York, New York

Bill Marson

“Totally loving my website and can’t say enough about how things turned out and your design services.”
– Bill Marson, Chandler, Arizona

Grant Ordelheide

“Working with Widerange galleries was great. They did a great job on my site and I am more than pleased with the outcome. I really appreciate the time and effort they put into making the site look just how I wanted it. They showed a lot of patience and with me and helped the process to go smoothly. The software is incredibly easy to use and I would highly recommend Widerange to anyone looking to build a website.”
– Grant Ordelheide, Denver, Colorado

Dave Showalter

“Oftentimes photo business investments leave me wondering whether I made a good decision and if they will ever pay off. I can honestly say that the decision to hire you to build my site is one of the best business decisions I have ever made! Thanks for your hard work and patience.”
– Dave Showalter, Arvada, Colorado

Floris van Breugel

“WideRange Galleries did an absolutely fantastic job integrating my crazy ideas and vision into a functional and attractive design. It turned out better than I had imagined, thanks guys!”
– Floris van Breugel, Pasadena, California

Erik Stensland

“I want to say again that I absolutely love the software you put together. I have been promoting it to lots of photographers. It is so simple and efficient. It couldn’t be much better. I think people feel more comfortable placing orders now with the new system. Thanks again for all your hard work on this.”
– Erik Stensland, Estes Park, Colorado

Tod Grubbs/Cynthia Hestand

“After struggling with trying to build a new photography web site from templates and plugins with WordPress and being totally discouraged with the look, feel and lack of functionality, we ran across WideRange Galleries. We looked at the websites listed in the portfolio and saw that most of them ranked with the search engines and showcased the photographers’ work and looked professional. Jack Brauer, the owner and main developer of WideRange Galleries, is an accomplished photographer/programmer and has a great system in place. He answered numerous emails full of technical questions I had over the 2 months we were reviewing options. Once we finally started we worked through some design issues and finally came up with a new website that fit what we were looking for, simple but elegant. Now that we are live the new site looks and functions great. We would highly recommend WideRange Galleries!!”
– Tod Grubbs, Spicewood, Texas

Rob Greebon

“I wanted to thank you for your work on my new website… the process was smooth and stress-free. And I can’t overstate enough how patient you were in the initial stages of design, going back and forth several times with mock-ups of what the website would finally look like. I had researched for months about what website companies would fit my needs… I never seemed to find something that would deliver both a professional look and SEO friendly coding. Finally, I decided to take a chance and move from templates other website companies offer and go with a custom design – and I couldn’t be more pleased.

And even months after the website launched, you’re still willing to answer my questions in a informative and timely way, and that is awesome! I know I am in good hands both now and in the future.

Its been about 8 months now since we went live. Nearly all the terms I wanted to be found for are showing up on page 1 of google searches. While the site was more expensive than the cookie cutter options out there, it has generated more business that I expected. You get what you pay for, and your service was worth every penny. I think it paid for itself after the first few months.

So thanks! This has been one of the best business decisions and investments I could have made.”
– Rob Greebon, Dripping Springs, Texas

Ken Koskela

“Jack Brauer and his team were responsive and thorough in addressing all questions throughout the entire process. I highly recommend WideRange Galleries as a developer of photography website solutions.”
– Ken Koskela, Chicago, Illinois

Ed Fuhr

“I cannot express how thrilled I am with the site. Working with you was far better than even I had hoped. I am receiving so many wonderful comments on it. I should have done this years ago, and I look forward to working with you guys more. Feel free to list me as a very enthusiastic and satisfied client.”

“For the discerning photographer, you offer the definitive website design and function. You have kept my design and function fresh and state of the art. I also greatly appreciate how accessible you are and your advice on ways to make my site better.”
– Ed Fuhr, Richmond, Virginia

Johnathan Esper

“I can see the efficiency as well as the flexibility and robustness of your admin program, and I am looking forward to working with this site for many years to come. Both my finances, and the marketing and business side of my photography, would have been waaay ahead of where they are now if I only had used your services 2 years ago when I first created a site.”
– Johnathan Esper, Long Lake, New York

Michael Greene

“Working with Jack is one of the best business decisions I have made. His level of customer service is outstanding. He is incredibly professional, reliable, and ethical. If you are considering a landscape photography site that will help your images stand out from the crowd and last for years, WideRange is certainly a company to strongly consider. I am very glad I did and I am sure you will to.”
– Michael Greene, Phoenix, Arizona

Toby Skov

“Nice job on your template, a lot more control than I had before, good to get out of the stone age.”
– Toby Skov, Conroe, Texas

Brad Williams

“The site turned out awesome and I couldn’t be happier!”
– Brad Williams, Omaha, Nebraska

Margrit Schwarz

“Thanks again for everything – it’s been great to work with you, and I’m very happy with the product! The simple functionality of the admin control is amazing, it’ll make it easy and fun to update my site regularly.”
– Margrit Schwarz, San Francisco, California

Loren Logan

“Love this site. So happy with it. Thanks for all you work.”
– Loren Logan, San Diego, California

Juliana Bo

“[Raza Durrani, the graphic designer] was great and so much patience!”
– Juliana Bo, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Gavin Howarth

“The site is working great and I’ve had lots of very positive feedback. You’ve helped me a lot with the SEO knowledge through this process, thanks!”
– Gavin Howarth, Bermuda

Jack Brauer

The photo gallery of Jack Brauer (owner/programmer at WideRange Galleries)

Michael E. Gordon

“Thanks for all your expert work, guys. It looks superb, and you’re both very easy to work with. You were very flexible and accommodating of my ideas and needs, and I appreciate all your talents and effort. Your admin control panel makes things very easy.”
– Michael E. Gordon, Long Beach, California

William Dark

“It has been a team effort building the new site, and I’d like to acknowledge the talent and creativity of the site designer, Jack Brauer, owner of WideRange Galleries.” – William Dark, Rogers, Arkansas

Vincent Mistretta

“The admin tool that Jack built is incredibly useful and well designed. The admin tool makes it easy to customize your site as your clients needs change. I couldn’t be happier with the product delivered. The fact that they are both accomplished photographers makes their insight into the process and resulting product invaluable.”
– Vincent Mistretta, New Canaan, Connecticut

Dusty Blues

“We searched extensively for a web developer who could deliver on our envisioned requirements. We finally found Jack Brauer and the WideRange development team. After so many interviews with potential developers our search was over!! Jack and his team worked with us to develop our visions of the required specifications and evolved our site to these specs in a fluid timeframe while continually providing insights and innovations to us that we had not dreamed of.

“A major frustration in the past was not having the ability to modify content ourselves without a continual interaction with the development team once the site was up and running. Jack has developed an extensive well thought out Administration module that gives us what we needed and so much more. It is in the 10th year of development and is quite mature.

“Jack is also a superb photographer in his own right and truly understands the needs required for web sites. The ease of use in adding and modifying portfolios while optimizing each for Search engines is exceptional. Inputting and updating pricing for our products is so granular that we are able to quickly introduce new concepts and product families.

“Working with Jack and WideRange was the easiest development we have ever done. We would recommend him to anyone.

“Excellent value for showing your art to the world!!”
– Dusty & Val Scott, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Stephen Weaver

“I need to give a big thanks and plug to WideRange Galleries for designing and building such a great site. I should have done it a long time ago. I highly recommend them!”
– Steve Weaver, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Michael Anderson

“Thanks for putting together such an awesome site!”
– Michael Anderson, Golden, Colorado

Ted Davis

Design by Ted Davis, Programming by WideRange Galleries

“Your hosting and web design services have been tremendous…”
– Ted Davis, Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Luke Tingley

“A big thanks to [WideRange Galleries] who did a fantastic job designing and building my new site! I’m very happy with your gallery solution so far. Pretty much my perfect solution if I had been talented enough to do it myself! Wish I would have done it years ago.”
– Luke Tingley, Des Moines, Iowa

Kane Engelbert

“Thank you for the excellent customer service, detailed work, and commitment to making me happy.”
– Kane Engelbert, Littleton, Colorado

Stan Rose

“Jack is the best in the business and it was a no-brainer going with his services. Scott is an-up-and-coming designer and I’m very grateful for the work that these two class acts put into my new site–thanks, guys!”
– Stan Rose, Pueblo, Colorado

Nate Zeman

“Thanks so much Jack! I’m really pleased with the way it came out. I really appreciate all the hard work. The control panel you designed is genius!”
– Nate Zeman, Breckenridge, Colorado

Adam Schallau

“I’m very excited about the site!”
Adam Schallau, Flagstaff, Arizona

Kris Sproul

“I’m absolutely stoked with the site! It’s so much more beautiful and functional than my Zenfolio site ever was. Thank you!”
– Kris Sproul, Tumwater, Washington

Timothy H. Joyce

“Jack Brauer is the best. All the top photographers use his sites. The sites are easy to use and professionally designed. Jack is also a great photographer and good guy.”
– Timothy H. Joyce, Mountain View, California

Scott Papek

“Thank you for all your hard work and patience, it means a lot.”
– Scott Papek, Omaha, Nebraska

Dale F. Meyer

“It has been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for helping me to create my Photo Web Site, it is very professional and what more can I say it works very well and I love it!”
– Dale F. Meyer, Russellville, Arkansas

Frank LeBlanc

“Thanks for the excellent work… The website is a dream come true.”
– Frank LeBlanc, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Kevin Reaves

“I want to say that you guys have exceeded my expectations with the new website. Absolutely love it and the new admin page. Thanks again for your working with me to get a website design that I am 100% satisfied with. Great work!”
– Kevin Reaves, Lizella, Georgia

Joseph Kayne

“I am really pleased how the site has turned out.”
– Joseph Kayne, Chicago, Illinois

Darren J. Bennett

“I would like to say thanks for the wonderful job you guys have done, both of you made the process run as smooth as silk and the result has been forthcoming, your feedback with your emails have been comprehensive and clear, you have both been a pleasure to work with.”
– Darren J. Bennett, Australia

Nick Mayo

“Great job. Love the design, the admin module is easy to use and the end result’s a sophisticated and flexible site that I’m more than happy with. Great value for money. And of course a big thanks for your patience and quick responses to all my questions.”
– Nick Mayo, Taipei, Taiwan

Kah Kit Yoong

“Thanks to the team at Widerange Galleries for producing such a truly unique and innovative website. You guys were great to work with and the result still blows us away.”
– Kah Kit Yoong, Melbourne, Australia

Thomas Mangan

“Thanks for all your hard work. I will gladly refer you to any photographer I know and if you need any sort of reference feel free to send them my way.”
– Tom Mangan, Erie, Colorado

Jens Preshaw

“The website looks great and thanks for all your patience and work.”
– Jens Preshaw, Vancouver, B.C.

Gary Alan Nelson

“Thanks Jack! The website looks fabulous!”
– Gary Alan Nelson, Lindstrom, Minnesota

Tad Bowman

“Thanks again for your work and putting this together for me. I really like it and appreciate it.”
– Tad Bowman, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Ronald Saunders

“I have been using the WideRange website for several years and there has never been any problem. It is absolutely trouble free, easy to use, and always displays my work in the best fashion possible. I am extremely happy!”
– Ronald J. Saunders, Reno, Nevada

Charles Whiting

“Many thanks to WideRange Galleries for their creative vision, support, and sound advice.”
– Charles Whiting, Denver, Colorado

Todd Mortensen

“[The design] looks fantastic! You have done a spectacular job. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the web site you both put together for me.”
– Todd Mortensen, Seattle, Washington

Darron Jacobs

“Thanks for your hard work.”
– Darron Jacobs, Katy, Texas

Fabrizio Tessaro

Design by Fabrizio Tessaro, Programming by WideRange Galleries

“I am very pleased the the results of the website! Thanks very much for your patience! I appreciate your help and expertise.”
– Fabrizio Tessaro, Alberta, Canada

Robert Flaherty

“I really appreciate the work you have done on the admin system. It is really nice to be able to have so much control over the site… I appreciate how prompt you have been throughout this project.”
– Robert Flaherty, Texas

Adam Gibbs

“Site looks great, a heck of a lot better than the old one.”
– Adam Gibbs, New Westminster BC, Canada

Bernard Chen

“It seems I took a long detour before I finally jumped on board with Jack at WideRange Galleries. After messing around for several years and being dissatisfied at all the other website designs, I finally took the plunge and made a real investment in myself. I believe his gallery setup is probably the best out there because you’ll have the most options to fit your creativity. It will take time to learn and build your site, but that is why your site will look gorgeous when it’s complete. Once you mastered the working layout, you won’t ever think about having another template design. Jack was great in walking me through with all my questions and displayed great patience as it took me months to get up to speed. I could not be happier with my completed site! Thank you Jack!”
– Bernard Chen, Springfield, Virginia

Ian Cameron

“[WideRange Galleries] did a fantastic job integrating my thoughts and ideas into a practical and highly functional package…”
– Ian Cameron, Moray, Scotland

Mark Stothard

“Just wanted to say that is now online, and running very well, all is working great and reception has been great! Mark is really happy with the site, and I agree, we ended up with a great looking site.”
– Flemming Bo Jensen (Mark’s assistant for the website project), Broome, Australia

Richard Bitonti

“Thanks for everything… your work is top-notch!”
– Richard Bitonti, Battle Ground, Washington

Greg Owens

“It’s been a great pleasure working with you… I remain quite pleased in every regard with my website. Thanks again for your great work!”
– Greg Owens, Glade Park, Colorado

Patrick Zephyr

Design by Patrick Zephyr, Programming by WideRange Galleries

“Thanks so much for all your help. I am thrilled with the new site and how easy it is to make global changes and add images and products.”
– Patrick Zephyr, Pelham, Massachusetts

Tim Landis

“This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooL! I can’t thank you enough. You are da man!!!!!
Tim Landis, Loomis, California

Robert Hansen

Design by Robert Hansen/Tom Jewett, Programming by WideRange Galleries

“…for me this is another great indication of a company/developer who really cares about the product and the clients! Very refreshing!”
– Tom Jewett, Laguna Niguel, California

Steve Reynolds

“The quality of the images is outstanding, thanks very much for your time and efforts.”
– Steve Reynolds, Reading, UK

Robert J. Anderson

“I very much appreciate all the progress made to date on my website and the quality of the work you have accomplished. It’s obvious you have developed a great system.”
– Robert J. Anderson, New York City

Mike Barton

“Jack Brauer did an awesome job on my site. The site admin interface makes uploading images, adding content and site maintenance easy and painless. No more FTP and HTML. On my old site I didn’t make any changes over a year because it was such a convoluted process. Now I change changes without thinking about it.”
– Mike Barton, Boulder, Colorado

Robert Ring

“I’m thrilled Jack and you did a great job. Thanks. I’ll start spreadin’ the news!”
– Robert Ring, Georgetown, Massachusetts

Emmanuel Coupe

“Thank you for your wonderful work. Every idea I had for the site was nicely put into place couldn’t have asked for more.”
Emmanuel Coupe, Paris, France

Stephen Penland

“Thanks very much for the work you did on my website. I’m very happy with it – it’s really the way that I wanted to share my photography. The administrative interface that you’ve developed is absolutely marvelous. I don’t have to go to a programmer every time I want to tweak something. To me, that’s invaluable.”
– Steve Penland, Walla Walla, Washington

Alex Mody

“I like it so far and have gotten numerous e-mails and questions about prints from people who said they found me by google searching for things related to my images… I can’t complain about that!”
– Alex Mody, McLean, Virginia

Mark Elgood

Design by Pixel Savvy, Programming by WideRange Galleries

“Thanks very much for your expertise and assistance. It’s been a pleasure working with you and your CMS.”
– Shane Austin @ Pixel Savvy, Kelowna BC, Canada

Harley Goldman

Design by Harley Goldman, Programming by WideRange Galleries

“I am extremely happy with my new WideRange website. My site looks great and with the site admin tools, uploading images and site maintenance are quick and painless. I had qualms about spending the money on a new website, but after using it for a few months, it was worth every penny!”
– Harley Goldman, Santa Barbara, California

Jeremy Brasher

“Thanks Jack. I love my site and adding to it. I’m pleased with the look of everything and getting the hang of most of the admin features hasn’t taken long at all. Thanks for all your timely services and I look forward to being a client for some time to come!!”
– Jeremy Brasher, Eddyville, Kentucky

Robert Nowak

“Many thanks must go to Jack Brauer of Widerange Galleries for all his help and guidance in putting this website together. Throughout the process of creating the site Jack was always patient and helpful, and the fact that Jack is a very accomplished nature photographer himself means that he really knows what works best for photographers. His guidance and knowledge was invaluable to me during the process of creating this website.”
– Robert Nowak, Seattle, Washington

Ron DuHamel

“Thanks Jack! I am really happy with the website and I’m having fun with it.”
– Ron DuHamel, Rescue, California

Anthony Gibson

“If you are thinking of building photography website, then do yourself a favor and contact these guys! Working with them was a great experience and they are very talented at what they do. They go until you have exactly what you want, and do a good job of keeping you grounded and guided in the right direction. The response to my new site has been huge, and I couldn’t be happier.”
– Anthony Gibson, Olney, Illinois

Tom Kennon

“I knew that when I saw Jack Brauer’s website and found out that he offered web site services designed by a photographer, this was the opportunity I have been looking for to upgrade my old site. Jack has been a pleasure to work with and has helped me with many questions along the way. I want to thank Jack for all his hard work and patience with me!”
– Tom Kennon, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Brett Deacon

“Jack, you rock! I love it!!!”
– Brett Deacon, Laramie, Wyoming

Bob Dent

“I thought you’d like to know that everyone I know that has seen the site has been very impressed. So thanks for developing such a great product!”
– Bob Dent, Denver, Colorado

J.P. Bell

“I want to thank you for setting up my website. It is a breeze to use and quite functional. You’ve been patient with my html-ignorant questions and I appreciate that. The site should be a big boost to my photographic business.”
– J.P. Bell, Van Buren, Arkansas

Lyn Gaylord

“Thanks a million for your hard work. I love the site. I’ve recently had some Paypal items which thrilled me to no end… all done in cyberspace with no help from me… it’s great.”
– Lyn Gaylord, Rowayton, Connecticut

Ken Wyatt

“What a terrific job you’ve done! You’ve outdone yourself! I’ve already started recommending you to others.”
– Ken Wyatt, Woodland Park, Colorado

The Newsoms

“You will love this guy. I guarantee he will make your life easy and your site beautiful. Just give him your input about what you want, and he will deliver.”
– Carol Newsom, Kittredge, Colorado

Mike Cherry

“You have done a great job with the site and helping me, way more than necessary.”
– Mike Cherry, Houston, Texas

Thelma Kelly

Thelma Kelly, Boulder, Colorado

Debbie McCulliss

Debbie McCulliss, Greenwood Village, Colorado

Liz Bamberger

Liz Bamberger, Corona De Tucson, Arizona

Jacob Buchowski

Jacob Buchowski, St. Louis, Missouri

Timm Chapman

Timm Chapman, Apache Junction, Arizona

Marc Adamus

Marc Adamus, Corvalis, Oregon

Paul Marcellini

Design by Paul Marcellini, Programming by WideRange Galleries

Paul Marcellini, Miami, Florida

Kelly Selzler

Kelly Selzler, Tacoma, Washington

Curtis Ghent

Curtis Ghent, Loveland, Colorado

John Brady

John Brady, Naples, Florida

Kevin Shearer

Kevin Shearer, Vancouver, Washington

Nick Selway

Nick Selway, Breckenridge, Colorado

Jimmy Gekas

Jimmy Gekas, Encinitas, California

Aaron Feinberg

Aaron Feinberg, Princeville, Hawaii

Kevin Barry

Kevin Barry, West Park, Florida

Craig Kerr

Craig Kerr, Macomb Township, Michigan

D Todd Schneider

D Todd Schneider, Zelienople, Pennsylvania

Ed Tabler

Ed Tabler, Niwot, Colorado

Samuel Howard

Samuel Howard, Centennial, Colorado

Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson, Windsor, Colorado

Kiel Rucker

Kiel Rucker, Santa Barbara, California

Bruce Hucko

Bruce Hucko, Moab, Utah

Mark Drury

Mark Drury, Austin, Texas

Lance B. Carter

Lance B. Carter, Pepperell, Massachusetts

Fred Mertz

Fred Mertz, San Franciso, California

Graham Chalmers

Graham Chalmers, United Kingdom