Introducing WideRange Galleries Admin v.5.0!

I am pleased to announce the launch of the new WideRange Galleries Admin verson 5.0! This version of the website administration software looks similar to 4.0 on the surface, but under the hood I’ve reprogrammed the entire thing from the ground up, rewriting literally every single line of code. The new software provides a much more efficient and powerful code foundation which will be easier to manage and build upon in the years to come. While I was at it I also improved many of the features and added some new ones as well. Here I will explain some of the more noteworthy new and improved features, along with some screencast videos to show them in action.

Improved Text Editors

The new admin has vastly improved text editors, making it easier to manage your text content and providing useful tools for inserting images within your paragraphs. These modern and streamlined text editors do a great job of keeping your text data clean and correct. The text boxes also expand on the page as you enter more content, making it convenient to read and edit a long page of text.

A great new feature of these text editors is the ability to insert images within the text without needing to manually insert any HTML code. You can choose a new image to upload, or you can select existing gallery images to insert.

Improved Prints Management

In an effort to make the Prints and Products more intuitive and easier to manage, I have completely overhauled this section of the admin. Whereas before the prints and products where managed together in one giant products list, I have now separated them into their own sections. You can now manage all your print sizes on one page, and all your print display options on another. Changes made on either page will automatically update all their corresponding entries in the pricing list. Overall this new system makes it much clearer and easier to add or modify prints sizes and/or display options.

Additionally, you will see that the print sizes are now labelled with automatically calculated aspect ratios, and so are the photos. This aspect ratio labelling is handy for quickly identifying which print sizes should apply to photos when you upload them.

Finally, there is now a much more robust “Assign Photos to Prints” page which provides numerous tools for quickly batch applying many photos to their applicable print sizes.

Drag-n-Drop Sequencing and Nesting

Another big improvement in the 5.0 Admin is the widespread implementation of drag-and-drop sequencing for galleries, prints, products, searches, and more. Using this new tool you can quickly and easily drag and drop your galleries into the order you prefer. You can also drag galleries into a nested position underneath another gallery, in order to easily create a hierarchy of galleries and sub-galleries.

More New & Improved Features

  • Improved “quick edit” functionality: In various data tables in the admin you can click directly on the data to edit and save it without leaving the page. The new version of this feature functions as a pop-up overlay and doesn’t disturb the page flow or scrolling position on long pages.
  • Photo list filtering: On the photo modification pages when you’re trying to find a photo in a long list of gallery photos, you can now use the “Filter results” box to enter a search term and quickly narrow down the photo list.
  • Browser Anti-Aliasing option: At Photos > Settings you now have the option to turn off the browser anti-aliasing effect on your photos to increase apparent image sharpness. Read more about this option on that page.
  • Contact form reCAPTCHA Spam Prevention option: At Pages > Contact Page you now have the option to implement a modern “reCAPTCHA” human verification technique to add more protection against spam coming to you through the contact page form.

The new features above are the biggies, but throughout the redevelopment process I combed through every page of the admin to add little improved features, improve the useability flow, and update older components to more modern versions. The end result should make managing your photo galleries and print products even easier and more intuitive than before. I hope you like it! As always I welcome your feedback and any suggestions you might have for new or improved features.

If you are currently using an older admin version, please contact me to discuss upgrading your website to the latest version!