NEW: Gallery Thumbnails on Homepage

WideRange Galleries homepages just got a cool new feature! You now have the option to display a gallery’s thumbnails on the homepage below the slideshow and text! To use this feature, modify your homepage in the admin (at Pages > Homepage), then just select the gallery you want to display from the dropdown list of galleries. The thumbnails from that gallery will then be displayed on the homepage with all their native thumbnail and layout settings.

Here are a few useful ways you could use this for your homepage:

• You could display your main galleries directly on your homepage. Here’s an example.

• You could create a gallery for all your newest photos and display that on your homepage.

• You could create a hidden submenu-format gallery with a series of sub galleries with direct links to important pages of your site. For example, you might include thumbnails which link to pages such as your main Gallery page, your Print Information page, your About page, maybe a Sale or other newsworthy page, or maybe some other Product pages like Workshops, Calendars, or something like that. See a few examples here and here.

This last option is really what this feature is meant for and how it can be utilized to its fullest potential. It provides a way to guide your website visitors directly from the homepage to the most important pages of your site through a more visually appealing thumbnail format.

Note that this feature is not applicable to homepages that feature the full-browser slideshow.