404 Missing Page

The "Missing Page" (the page in the Misc Pages section of the admin with the "error" URL address) is the page that gets displayed when people try to visit an address that doesn't exist on your website. There are several reasons why this might happen:

  • Maybe they typed in an incorrect address into their browser.
  • Maybe you or someone else on the internet created an incorrect link to your site.
  • Maybe the page previously existed but you deleted it or changed its URL address.
  • Maybe the page existed on your previous website but no longer exists.

In any case, if a page address attempts to be viewed but does not exist on your website, the website responds with a "404 Not Found" status and displays this "Missing Page" message instead. By editing the "Missing Page" (error page) you can customize the message that people see in this scenario.

The "Missing Page" cannot be deleted as it's part of this essential feature of the website.