WideRange Galleries Blog (Version updates)

Written by Jack Brauer, owner and lead programmer at WideRange Galleries, this blog is meant as a resource for clients to keep track of latest features and tips to maximize the potential of the gallery software.

Streamlined Blogging
December 2023

I recently launched the newest version 5.9.2 of the WideRange admin. The main upgrade for this version is that I've overhauled and streamlined the process of adding new blog posts:

When you add a new blog post, you can now enter the blog info/text AND upload or insert photos AND publish the post all in one step, which is quicker and more intuitive...
Version 5.9 : Cart Upgrades
May 2023

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally launched Version 5.9 of the WideRange Galleries website software! The main story of this new version is an overhaul of the cart system, including integration of a much upgraded newer version of Stripe Checkout...

Version 5.8: Full Screen & More
June 2022

After a few "quiet" version updates during the last year, this month I've launch a bigger update with Version 5.8 of the WideRange Galleries website software. This version gives lots of tender loving care to image presentation, as well as some other useful updates...

Announcement Banners + Other Updates
July 2021

WideRange Galleries version 5.6 brings a useful new feature for our websites: announcement banners! When you activate the announcement banner, a message of your choice will display in a prominent banner bar at the top of your website...

Version 5.2: Dark Mode
March 2021

Hot on the heels of Version 5.1, today I've released Version 5.2 of the WideRange website software! This version brings two new updates:

Dark Mode

Give your eyeballs a rest with the admin control panel's new dark mode option! You can toggle the light/dark modes from the little sun/moon button at top right, or you can switch it on the Admin Settings page...

Version 5.1
March 2021

I am happy to introduce Version 5.1 of the WideRange website software! The bulk of the updates with this version involved extensive under-the-hood code and database performance improvements, but there are a number of new features to explain too:

SEO Updates Meta Title Overrides: All Galleries, Products, and Pages now have their own Meta Title Override input field where you can enter a custom meta page title to use instead of the normal, automated version...