WideRange Galleries Blog (Version updates)

Welcome to the official WideRange Galleries blog, written by Jack Brauer, owner and lead programmer at WideRange Galleries. This blog is meant as a resource for clients to keep track of latest features and tips to maximize the potential of the gallery software.

Announcement Banners + Other Updates
July 2021

WideRange Galleries version 5.6 brings a useful new feature for our websites: announcement banners! When you activate the announcement banner, a message of your choice will display in a prominent banner bar at the top of your website...

Version 5.2: Dark Mode
March 2021

Hot on the heels of Version 5.1, today I've released Version 5.2 of the WideRange website software! This version brings two new updates:

Dark Mode

Give your eyeballs a rest with the admin control panel's new dark mode option! You can toggle the light/dark modes from the little sun/moon button at top right, or you can switch it on the Admin Settings page...

Version 5.1
March 2021

I am happy to introduce Version 5.1 of the WideRange website software! The bulk of the updates with this version involved extensive under-the-hood code and database performance improvements, but there are a number of new features to explain too:

SEO Updates Meta Title Overrides: All Galleries, Products, and Pages now have their own Meta Title Override input field where you can enter a custom meta page title to use instead of the normal, automated version...