WideRange Galleries Blog (Sales)

Welcome to the official WideRange Galleries blog, written by Jack Brauer, owner and lead programmer at WideRange Galleries. This blog is meant as a resource for clients to keep track of latest features and tips to maximize the potential of the gallery software.

Version 5.9 : Cart Upgrades
May 2023

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally launched Version 5.9 of the WideRange Galleries website software! The main story of this new version is an overhaul of the cart system, including integration of a much upgraded newer version of Stripe Checkout...

Stripe Checkout
May 2023

WideRange Galleries website shopping carts are fully integrated with Stripe payment processing, and as of Version 5.9 the carts utilize the newest modern version of Stripe Checkout. PayPal payment processing is still available and still works fine, but the Stripe Checkout process is noticeably more streamlined and professional...

How to Sell Gift Certificates
December 2022

Offering gift certificates for sale on your website gives your customers a good option for gifting your prints and products to their friends and families, especially if they are too late to order a print before the holidays or if they'd just rather give the recipients the option of choosing their own print...

Announcement Banners + Other Updates
July 2021

WideRange Galleries version 5.6 brings a useful new feature for our websites: announcement banners! When you activate the announcement banner, a message of your choice will display in a prominent banner bar at the top of your website...

Accurate Online Sales Tax Calculations
April 2019

While online sales have traditionally been free from sales taxes, recently states have been implementing complex online sales tax rules in the wake of a 2018 Supreme Court ruling allowing them to do so...

Print Sales Statistics
July 2015

The WideRange Galleries admin system includes a comprehensive prints sales statistics panel with visual charts and graphs that provide valuable insight into which photos sell, when they sell, and where they sell...

Variable Payment Page
February 2013

Just in case you weren’t aware, WideRange Galleries websites have a variable payment page! The address is at:

So, for example, mine is at: mountainphotography.com/payment/

This comes in handy when you need to receive money from a customer for something that doesn’t have a set price on your website and thus can’t be put into the shopping cart...