Image Caching

Our websites utilize various forms of caching in order to boost performance and provide a speedy experience for your website viewers. In a nutshell, caching means saving the image in memory after it has loaded, so that it doesn't have to be loaded again later. There are two main cache methods that our websites use:

1) All our websites utilize browser caching. With browser caching, when you or any website visitor views an image on your website, that image file is saved in your (or the visitor's) browser application for 30 days. If/when the page is viewed again by that visitor, the image loads instantly because it is already saved in their browser's memory.

2) Most of our websites utilize the Cloudflare content delivery network, which boosts our websites performance around the world by serving the website files from servers closer to the viewer's location. The Cloudflare network also caches images on their servers, so that they don't always have to load the images directly from our source server in Atlanta every time.