Click-Through Agreements for Workshops

June 2019
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Attention workshop leaders! WideRange Galleries websites have a product feature that you might find useful for your workshop products: click-through agreement checkboxes for products like workshops!

What this does is that for applicable product pages it adds a checkbox that says “I agree to the terms and conditions listed above” (or whatever you want that to say) and this checkbox must be checked by the customer before they can add the item to the cart. This effectively turns the product page into a legally binding “click through” agreement because it’s impossible for the customer to purchase the item without first clicking to agree to the terms.

Most workshop product pages have a “single product” page format, which means that you have your page full of text and information, then a price and add-to-cart button at the bottom. All you have to do to implement the click through agreement is to change the product’s page format to “single product – with terms“. Then, if desired, you can customize what you want the agreement checkbox text line says by scrolling down and entering alternative text in the “Click-Through Agreement Checkbox Text” text area.

Of course you should also probably add a “Terms and Conditions” section of text to the product page’s text, preferrably at the bottom of the page just above the agreement checkbox.

I’d still recommend consulting a lawyer about whether or not you should have your workshop clients sign a contract, but at the very least this click-through agreement purchasing process ensures that your client is aware of your terms and provides a basic initial legal agreement.

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