Comments, Anyone?

December 2016
Lots of people
Does anybody have something they'd like to say?

With WideRange Galleries websites it's easy to enable comments on any gallery, product, or page. Blog or journal pages are especially well suited for encouraging comments, feedback, and discussion. Adding public commenting on your site can drive interaction which in turn can boost traffic and keep your viewers coming back to your site. Plus it's just fun to hear what people have to say about your photography and writing!

Currently WideRange supports two commenting system integration options: Disqus and FastComments. Disqus is a popular and free commenting system. FastComments requires a modest subscription fee (just $1 or so per month), but is super quick-loading and has no user tracking or embedded advertising. You can see examples of how FastComments comments look in my Trip Report blog posts.

To enable comments, first you need to sign up for an account with Disqus or FastComments, then configure the connection in the WideRange Admin at Settings > Comments. There are detailed instructions here. Once the account is configured, you can activate commenting on a page simply by toggling a button for that page in the admin.

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