Version 5.2: Dark Mode

March 2021
Sneffels in the Milky Way

Light in the dark.

Hot on the heels of Version 5.1, today I've released Version 5.2 of the WideRange website software! This version brings two new updates:

Dark Mode

Admin control panel screenshots: Light mode & Dark Mode
Light mode & Dark mode

Give your eyeballs a rest with the admin control panel's new dark mode option! You can toggle the light/dark modes from the little sun/moon button at top right, or you can switch it on the Admin Settings page.

Just Keywords, No More "Tags"

Prior to Version 5.2 every photo had keywords and search tags. The keywords were meant for page meta tags, while the search tags were like overflow keywords to use for the onsite photo search feature. This methodology became redundant in Version 5.1, which jettisoned page meta keyword tags (which are useless and unnecessary).

So in Version 5.2 the photo search tags are gone - now it's just the photo keywords, which are still useful for the onsite photo searches. All existing photo search tags have been combined with the photo keywords in the database. So now you can add photo keywords to your heart's content without wondering whether to enter them as keywords or tags.

I hope you enjoy the new dark mode admin update, and as always, please feel free to contact me with any questions!

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