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December 2012
Blast off to another website.

Did you know, the gallery URLs can accept external links? Here’s how this works:

When you add a gallery, you enter a URL code for the gallery – normally it’s just one or two words to describe the gallery in its page address. So for example a gallery URL of “aerial-photos” would correspond to a gallery page address of:


With this standard usage of the URL codes, all the gallery pages will be contained within your website.

But what if you want to link a gallery thumbnail to a page outside of your website? In that case, just enter the full website address in the URL field, including the entire “https://www…” part of the address. The program automatically checks to see if a gallery’s URL code includes a full website address, and if so, it simply links to that page rather than creating the usual internal gallery link.

So to continue the above example, instead of a simple URL code such as “aerial-photos“, if you enter the URL code as an entire website address like:


then the gallery thumbnail for that gallery will simply link to that external website page. In other words, that gallery won’t display photos at all; it will simply exist as a placeholder to link to that external link.

Here are some other possible ways to utilize this feature:

• Sometimes you may want to have one gallery's thumbnail displayed in two different places within your galleries. For the second entry, create an empty shell gallery, give it a thumbnail image, then for its URL code, enter the full https address of the original gallery address. This essentially hotlinks the duplicate shell gallery thumbnail to the original gallery.

• Maybe you have another relevant website, such as a stock archive on some other stock photography website. You could add an external gallery link to this within your main galleries list.

• You could include gallery links to blog posts on another blog website.

• You could create a gallery of favorite Links, an have all the formatting and thumbnail options that the gallery structure offers.

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