FAQ / Troubleshooting

Listed below are commonly asked questions and troubleshooting issues. Click on any question to read the answer.

1. I've added/modified something in the admin but I'm not seeing the changes on the website!

All additions or modifications in the admin take effect immediately on the website. What is happening here is that your browser is showing you a previously cached version of the page from an earlier visit. You can see the new/updated page content by refreshing the page and/or emptying your browser cache.

2. How do I replace an image file?

It is very simple to replace an image file for a photo that you\'ve already added to a gallery.

The simplest way is to modify the photo via PHOTOS > MODIFY. On the photo modification page you can select and upload a new image to replace the existing one.

Alternatively, you can use the PHOTOS > REPLACE IMAGE FILE page, where you can upload multiple replacement images at once. In this case, make sure that the new files have the EXACT same filenames as before. As long as the filenames are exactly the same as the existing ones, the new images will overwrite the old ones, and you don't have to mess with the database information at all.

DO NOT delete and re-add an image from the galleries in order to update the image file. This unnecessarily and more tedious because you'll have to re-enter all the photo data, print assignments, etc.; and also it will potentially change the web address for the photo's page, which is not ideal.

3. I've replaced an image file, but I'm still seeing the old one!

This is a cache issue that could be happening because of two things:

1) Your browser may still have the previous image version in its cache memory and is still showing that version instead of downloading the current image. In this case, empty your browser cache and refresh, then you should see the new image.

2) If you still don't see the new image, it's likely because our content delivery network has also cached the previous image file (for faster performance around the world). In this case, either just trust that the new image will be displayed in due time (it will), or if you would prefer that the new image is displayed immediately, you can change the image's filename at PHOTOS > MODIFY: edit the photo and change its filename in the "filename" field.

In either case, please keep in mind that caching is a feature, not a bug - it leads to much faster page loading and a better experience for your visitors.

4. How do I add an image within the text of a page, such as within the "About" page?Please see the screencast tutorials on this page for instructions on how to insert images in the text areas, and resize and position them.
5. I've selected the print sizes for a photo, but they're still not showing up for sale on the live site.

Go to PRINTS > PRINT PRICES and check that the print sizes are listed as available for sale. If not, switch them on. Also, make sure that the print size display options have prices entered - if the prices are zero, then they won't show up for sale. Finally, make sure that you've assigned available print sizes to each photo.

If the prints are still not showing up for sale, please contact Jack for help.

6. I am not receiving order confirmation emails and/or contact messages!

Check your junk mail folder - most likely the email got mistakenly filtered there.

Otherwise, please see this Email Troubleshooting page for more info.

7. AHHHHH!!! My website is down!!! I can't access my website!!!

Your website is most likely just fine; 99% of the time, the issue is one of the following:

First, the obligatory "is it plugged in" question: can you view any websites on the internet? If not, your internet connection is down and you should contact your internet provider.

Assuming your internet is working fine, can you access any WideRange websites, such as widerangegalleries.com? If not, the issue is likely that your IP address got blocked by our server's firewall (usually this happens due to an outdated email account on your device trying to log in to the server). In this case:

  • Please visit whatismyip.com and then contact me with your listed IP address so that I can look to see if it has been blocked and why. (If you use a VPN, be sure to turn it off before doing this). I will then be in touch as soon as possible with more information.
  • In the meantime, you can probably still access your site via a different network (a different IP address) so try accessing it through your phone's mobile network (be sure your wifi is turned off on your phone first). Or, if you use a VPN app on your computer, you can simply change the IP address connection.
8. What is the difference between the News page and the Blog?

The Blog is a full-featured multi-page blogging system, featuring standard blogging components including post categories and tags, related posts, commenting, and an RSS feed (so that people can see when you add new posts). The Blog is great for posting articles, trip reports, photo journals, news, or any type of post to share your photos and thoughts.

The News page is just a simple, single page on the website that displays short news items and has no special blog features.

If you have no desire to start a blog and you just want a simple place to post occasional news or announcements then the News page could be sufficient. Otherwise the Blog is far more powerful. If you use the Blog then you might not need to use the News page at all (but you still can if you want to).