Galleries, Sub-Galleries, and Gallery Formats

In the WideRange admin it's possible to organize your photo galleries into a hierarchy of Galleries and Sub-Galleries. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of Gallery Formats to suit whatever gallery content you are displaying on a certain gallery page. Here I will explain in more detail how this all works and how you manage this in the admin.

How to Add a Gallery

Adding new galleries is very straightforward: just go to Galleries > Add, fill in the details of the gallery (at a bare minimum you only need to enter the Title), and click Save.

If it's a photo gallery, you can then add photos to the gallery at Photos > Add, and choose the gallery to add the photos to.

How to Add a Sub-Gallery

Adding a sub-gallery underneath an existing gallery is also very easy: go to Galleries > Add, and now you will choose the "Parent" gallery to add the new gallery under.

The hierarchy of galleries and sub-galleries are created by this parent/child relationship. Each sub-gallery will be displayed under its "parent" gallery. By default, new galleries are created under the main top-level gallery "parent" (this is essentially the main gallery menu page). But by choosing a different parent gallery, you will create a sub-gallery that is placed underneath that parent gallery. You can even create multiple levels of galleries and sub-galleries for especially extensive image collections!

You can learn more about how the "parents" concept works here.

An alternative method to reorganize your galleries and sub-galleries is to go to Galleries > Rearrange. There you can drag-and-drop the galleries into the sequence you want, but also you can position them to be nested underneath another parent gallery (to do this, drag the gallery under the parent gallery and then move it slightly to the right and it will snap into a nested position).

You have to change the Gallery Format to display Sub-Galleries

Don't forget that when you create sub-galleries you must change the format of the parent gallery to a "Sub Galleries" type of format in order to actually display those sub-galleries. You can do this by editing the parent gallery at Galleries > Modify, and the Gallery Format options are listed in the Gallery Layout Settings panel there.

As a rule of thumb, the names of the gallery formats describe what the page should display.

So, if you want a parent gallery to display its sub-galleries, the parent gallery must be updated to have a "Sub Galleries" type of format. On the other hand, if a gallery is meant to just display its photo thumbnails, then it should have a "Photos" type of format.

You can learn more about the various gallery formats here.

The Products pages work the same way!

If you want to sell various non-print products such as workshops, calendars, books, or whatever, you can build these pages in the Products section, then you have the ability to give these items prices (and add-to-cart buttons).

But it's also possible to set up a hierarchy of Products and Sub-Product pages very similarly to how the Galleries and Sub-Galleries work. For example, you could create a main "Workshops" parent product page, then you can create sub-product pages underneath it for each individual workshop you want to sell (when you create each sub-product you would choose the main "Workshops" product as the parent). Just like the Galleries, you will also need to update the main parent product to have a "Sub Products" type of format.