Navigation Menu

In the Navigation section of the admin, you can manage the main navigation menu of your website: you can add new links, modify existing links, delete links, or rearrange them.

Note that the Nav Menu links are managed completely independently of any other part of the admin. In other words, menu links are not automatically created or adjusted when the destination pages are created or modified.


The Nav Menu link is simply the web URL address that you want the navigation item to link to.

If the link is to an internal page on your website, which they usually are, then you don't need to enter the domain name part of the address; you only need to enter what comes after that. For example, if the page you want to link to is "" then you only need to enter "page/about/".

However, if you are linking to an external page on a different website, then you must use the entire URL address, including the "https://" prefix.


There are two locations on your website pages where your site navigation links can be located: the Header and the Footer.

The Header navigation links are the main links that show up on the top of the pages; the Footer navigation links show up at the bottom of the pages below all the content.

Opening a Navigation link in a New Window

For each navigation link, you have the option of having that link open in a new browser window. Usually you will not want to do this; all the internal links to pages within your site should open in the same window.

However, occasionally you may want to include a navigation link to another external website, and you can choose to pop open that site link in a new browser window, so that your own website is still there for the viewer to see after they have browsed that new site link.