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February 2020
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One of the advantages of WideRange Galleries websites is the clear and intuitive way that the print ordering options are presented for each photo. The print options are listed in sections organized by each display option (such as framed, metal print, acrylic mounted, etc.), and each display option section can include a brief paragraph of descriptive text along with a chosen thumbnail image. The end result is a simple but elegant interface that seamlessly informs customers of your various print options and makes their choice and purchase quick and easy – which is important for impulse purchases.

Print Preview Image Screenshot
A screenshot of a photo-specific print preview image.

For each print display option you can upload a single image that represents that display option. This image is usually a corner detail picture of the display option which shows how it looks up close. So for example, for metal prints you might upload a close-up image of the corner of a metal print, showing how the surface is glossy and how the thin aluminum substrate floats off the wall. A close-up corner image of an acrylic-glass face mounted print would show how the print is sandwiched between plexiglass and the backing substrate. These display style thumbnail images give the customer a good idea of what that display style looks like, thus inspiring confidence in their selection and purchase.

The print display style thumbnail images are uploaded once for each display option, and thus the same thumbnail image is shown for that display option for every photo. This is then the default image for the display style.

However, you also have the ability to upload a print preview image per photo, which will override the default display style image on that photo's page. Using this new tool, you can upload print preview images that are unique to each photo. So for example, if you have a nice picture of a print hanging on a wall, you can upload that picture for that particular photo and display option, and it will be displayed instead of the default print display option image for that photo. In the example screenshot above, for my “Snowmass Lake Reflection” photo I have uploaded a special preview image for the “Acrylic-Glass Mounted” display option, while the “Glossy Metal Print” option still shows its default thumbnail.

Print Previews admin screenshot
A screenshot of the admin panel where you can upload print preview images per-photo.

Using this new feature is easy. In the admin control panel, you just modify a gallery photo like usual (at Photos > Modify), and on the photo modification page at the bottom right side of the page you’ll see a panel titled “Display Option Preview Images”. Here you can select and upload your special print preview images for each display option. That’s it! And of course you can always modify and remove then as you see fit.

The print preview images should be prepared and sized for the web just like all the rest of your photos’ jpg image files. The preview images could be anything from pictures of your prints on walls, to Photoshop mockups of images hanging in designer room images, or maybe even a customized corner detail image for that particular photo.

For the last two options, with some research it may be possible to find Photoshop mockup templates that can help you generate print preview mockups, such as perhaps here (specifically, here are canvas, metal, and acrylic/dibond template examples). Or you can take your own photos of empty room walls, or search stock photo sites for blank wall images in fancy looking rooms, then in Photoshop just drop your print images on the wall along with some drop-shadow effect. If you are proficient in Photoshop you could perhaps even create a Photoshop action to automate this process.

In any case, this new photo-specific print preview feature further extends the possibilities and control you have over your website’s print ordering presentation.

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