RSS Feed

An RSS feed is a simple .xml file on your server that lists the latest 12 blog posts on your website. This makes it easy for other websites and services to stay updated on your latest posts.

Many people use Feed Readers, which are programs that check their list of favorite websites for new posts and then display those new posts on a convenient single page list. This makes it much easier for people to follow their favorite websites without having to periodically check each website manually to see if there's anything new. Some popular feed readers include Inoreader, Feedly, and NetNewsWire.

Normally your RSS feed is automatically updated when you are editing a blog gallery; however, if you change the published status of a blog gallery using the quick edit tool from the main blog gallery list, the RSS update is NOT triggered automatically; therefore, in that case you must click the UPDATE RSS FEED button to ensure that the new blog post is added to your RSS feed.

Note that the RSS feed only includes published blog galleries; other galleries, photos, or pages on your website are not included.