Search Tag and Alias Search Tags

The Search Tag

The Search Tag is simply the word or phrase that will show up in the search index. It's the main search term you want to enter.

Tags with multiple words will be treated as one single phrase that must be matched. For instance if your photo's search tag is "San Juan Mountains", then the photo will NOT show up in searches for "San Juan" or "Mountains". It will only show up for an exact "San Juan Mountains" search. This must be remedied either by being very thorough with your photo keywording/search-tagging, or by using Alias search tags, as explained below.

Tags with multiple words separated with commas will be treated as a narrowed search result where both terms must match. More on this below.

Alias Search Tags

The Alias Search Tags are alternate words or phrases that will be also be searched along with the main Search Tag.

For example, here is a sample search tag again: "San Juan Mountains". Some good Alias search tags for this would be "San Juan, San Juans". Therefore, if someone enters any one of these variations, photo results for all of the terms will show up.

Another example could be a search tag of "moonlight", with aliases of "moon, full moon, moonrise, moonset, moonshine".

Another good use of this would be to account for simple plurals, such as "waterfall" and "waterfalls". Unfortunately the photo search feature does not check for plurals so this is an important usage.

Narrowing Search Results

You can offer narrowed search results in your search index by entering a search tag with multiple words, separated by commas.

If a search tag contains multiple words (separated by commas) the search results must match ALL the terms.

For example, a search tag of "Winter, Colorado" will only show your winter Colorado photos which contain both those terms.