A web page's "URL" is the actual address of that page. The WideRange Galleries software enables you to enter your own customized URL address for every page.

For example, instead of having a meaningless database-generated address such as "https://yoursite.com/photo/1234/", your pages can have readable, relevant addresses such as "https://yoursite.com/photo/moonrise-over-denver/".

Not only is this more readable and sensible for your human viewers, but search engines also like to see those relevant words in the URL web address. For this reason, it is advisable to enter relevant words in the URL fields.

**IMPORTANT** You should AVOID changing the page URL after you've saved it (after the website has been launched). This is because the URL is the page address, and if you change it you will lose any external links or search engine rankings that you may have already earned for that page!