Version 5.9 : Cart Upgrades

May 2023
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It's been a long time coming, but I've finally launched Version 5.9 of the WideRange Galleries website software! The main story of this new version is an overhaul of the cart system, including integration of a much upgraded newer version of Stripe Checkout.

Without further ado, here's a list of all the new features:

New Stripe Checkout

  • Many additional payment options beyond credit cards, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App, GiroPay; various buy-now-pay-later options including Affirm, AfterPay, and Klarna; and direct bank transfers such as ACH and more
  • Collect customer's phone numbers
  • Customer and order details are recorded in your Stripe account for extra redundancy.
  • More streamlined built-in address-based sales tax calculations during checkout

→ Stripe configuration options and instructions

Updated PayPal Configuration

The cart PayPal integration now has more reliable sales reporting and no longer requires special configuration in your PayPal account.

Additionally, I recommend to de-configure any previously configured Auto Return or Instant Payment Notification return addresses in your PayPal account.

→ PayPal configuration instructions

More Cart Upgrades

  • Responsive cart table looks much better on mobile
  • Option for customer comments input field (activate at Settings > Cart)
  • Accurate address-based sales tax calculations are now available not only for the U.S. but also for clients in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and European Union countries.
  • 100% discounts now possible, to offer free items or to make testing easier
  • The admin sales listings and statistics now include non-print products as well as prints. View them separately or all together. (at Sales > Sales Lists / Sales Stats)
  • Admin sales listings display additional data including discounts, shipping, tax, processor, comments, phone, and more.

Other Recent Updates

  • reCaptchas are gone from the contact pages! The spam filters are working so well that reCaptcha puzzles just aren't necessary any longer.
  • You can enter print info text above and below the listed print options on the photo pages (at Prints > Print Displays).
  • Admin text editor word/character counters (activate at Settings > Admin)
  • You can now duplicate Products. This is useful when you want to create new product that is very similar to an existing one - just duplicate the existing one, then edit the copy as desired. Any sub-products will be automatically duplicated as well. (at Products > Modify)
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