Let's Get Started!

Let's get started to build you an attractive and professional photo gallery website! Here’s how the process works:

1. Sign Up

  • First step: decide which website package you’d like, as explained on the Pricing page. (The vast majority of clients go for the "Custom Design" package, which includes custom design creation).
  • If you are signing up for the "Custom Design" or "Self Design" package (the two most popular choices), please follow the sign-up links below to read and agree to the project Terms & Conditions and to submit a deposit payment.
  • If you are interested in the "Advanced Custom" or "Conversion" package, please contact me to discuss.

2. Account & Admin Setup

Once you've signed up, I will set up your account and admin control panel so that you can get a head start adding your galleries, uploading your photos, etc. If you have questions at any point I'm happy to assist.

3. Design Phase

If my graphic design partner or I are creating new designs for your site, we will send you an initial design questionnaire to get a sense of your design preferences. Based on your input we will then create several “mockups”, or initial design ideas, in Photoshop. These are basically pictures of how the website would look. The first round of mockups could be considered rough drafts, and based on your feedback we will change and refine those designs as desired. The more feedback you provide, the more info we have to create a design that you will be happy with. This process repeats until we’ve nailed down the design.

4. Programming

Once the design is finalized, I will start the programming to implement the design. At this point we cannot go back and make significant design changes.

When I'm finished with the programming you can fully review the website and compile a list of any alterations that you may want.

5. Website Launch

When the website is reviewed and you have enough content uploaded to launch the site, then it's just a matter of updating your domain's nameservers to point to our server, which I can do for you. Then the new website will be officially live! Keep in mind you can still continue adding photos and other content once the site is live.


This whole process usually takes about a month or two, but it largely depends on how quickly you can provide feedback during the different stages of development, as well as how quickly you add your content via the admin control panel. If you are quick to respond it's possible to have everything finished and launched in under one month.

Please note that I schedule website projects on a first-come basis, so if you are interested please sign up or contact me sooner than later.

Available to start now.

If you are interested in an "Advanced Custom" website or if you have other custom layouts or features in mind, please contact me to discuss and then I can provide a quote.

Or, if you are interested in converting you current website design into a WideRange Galleries website, please contact me and I can review your website and provide a quote for the project.