Quick Edit and Batch Edit

I’ve recently added a couple useful features to the WideRange Galleries 4.0 admin control panel to make it even more powerful and user friendly to manage your photos, prints, and products!

Edit in Place

The first is “quick edit” – also known as “edit in place” – which allows you to edit photo or product data directly from the data list. When you’re looking at a list of gallery photos or the list of products, instead of needing to go into a secondary editing page to modify a particular photo or product, you can simply just click on whatever data you want to change. That data will instantly switch into an input form where you can enter your new data and save it – all without leaving the page! This is a much faster and easier method of editing your data.

I’ve implemented the quick-edit feature for the photos and products – the two sections of the admin where you’re dealing with lots of data and where the quick-edit ability will prove most beneficial. The pages that are quick-edit enabled are labeled as such, and as you roll your mouse over the data you’ll see a blue rollover color that signifies the editable data. Just click on anything and edit it!

The second new feature is a photo batch-edit tool, where you can select however many photos you want and edit their location, keywords, and/or search tags all in one swoop! This could save a huge amount of time if you want to add certain keywords or search tags to an entire gallery of photos at once, without having to edit each photo individually.