WideRange Galleries Blog (Images)

Welcome to the official WideRange Galleries blog, written by Jack Brauer, owner and lead programmer at WideRange Galleries. This blog is meant as a resource for clients to keep track of latest features and tips to maximize the potential of the gallery software.

Version 5.8: Full Screen & More
June 2022

After a few "quiet" version updates during the last year, this month I've launch a bigger update with Version 5.8 of the WideRange Galleries website software. This version gives lots of tender loving care to image presentation, as well as some other useful updates...

WebP Images
May 2021

With the release of WideRange Galleries version 5.4, our websites are now equipped with the next-generation WebP image format! WebP is a modern image encoding format that offers significantly smaller file sizes resulting in faster loading pages and reduced bandwidth consumption...

Responsive Images
June 2015

WideRange Galleries websites are equipped with a fantastic feature for displaying photos at their finest on all types and sizes of screens: Responsive Images!


• Responsive images look significantly sharper on high-resolution retina screens...